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Accelerating personal growth

Boosting employee wellbeing growth and engagement


LifeQ Profile


The extent to which people grow and realise their potential, is largely determined by their Psychology Capital (also known as PsyCap).


The PsyCap of many shopfloor and entry level employees has, through exposure to repeated hardship, been eroded. Over time, life has sucked the hope out of them.

Instead of grasping growth opportunities offered to them, they may hang back, waiting for others to open doors for them. Instead of actively shaping their future, they tend to
blame others for their lack of progress.


LifeQ® is a 2-day programme that significantly impacts the way these employees view themselves and the world, contributing to increased wellbeing,  quality of life and performance in the workplace.

CLICK HERE to download the profile to explore the benefits to your organisation.

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