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A beautiful story

Alinda had a dream. And this year – that vision that she has tirelessly nurtured - celebrates 30 years of deep impact.

Under her guidance, Free To Grow has grown from a tiny seedling into a beautiful big tree that continues to bear fruit.


Hard work, passion, strategic vision and commitment to unlocking the inherent potential in people, have left an indelible mark on individuals and organisations in 36 countries. 

Alinda, Riegert and the Free To Grow teams' commitment to the vision has paved the way for countless individuals, across job levels, to unlock their potential and thrive in their personal and professional lives. It has also had a deep impact in and on organisations, their leaders and their results.

Dr Shirley Zinn, patron of Free To Grow, puts it beautifully:

“If you look across Free To Grow’s timeline of 30 years, we have incredible stories of lives touched through the work you have done. Your dedication, commitment and hard work have been extraordinary.”

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Planting seeds

When Alinda's voice was compromised, it was her mother who encouraged her to speak through the voices of others.

The concept of empowering and equipping a team of facilitators to present Free To Grow's programmes took root.



Riegert Nortje, an ex-lawyer, joins Free To Grow to play a pivotal role in shaping strategy, structure and systems.


He has been core to the business achieving important milestones including ISO 9001 certification and the transition to becoming level 2 Black Owned business.

Enabling Growth

A dedicated trellis of support  at the office enables Alinda to focus on innovation and responding to clients' growing needs.

This results in  growth into new market sectors, different job levels and across Africa, to Asia, the UK and the Middle Eas . 

In the forest


A vital step to remain vibrant and relevant in the new business environment.

The season for pruning resulted in Free To Grow consolidating its offering and repositioning itself to contribute in areas that optimise its signature strengths.

Trimming Hedges

Our Clients

The fruit our clients reap fuels our passion and is our reason for being. Here is what they have to say about the unique contribution that Free To Grow has made in the lives of their people and their organisations.

Click on each image below, to hear or read about the gift that working with Free To Grow has provided.

If you have worked with us and would like to share the gift of growth that Free To Grow
has provided you/your organisation - please click here

Our Team

Each member is a hand-picked gem who brings a unique 'flavour' to our offering. Our consultants, facilitators and the team at the office bring the gift of growth to each individual and organisation we work with, they have harvested many pearls along their journey.

Click on each image below, to hear or read about the unique gift that working for Free To Grow has given each of them.

Past Participants

Since 1994, more than 156 000 people have attended our programmes. Seeds of growth were planted and many of them have changed and grown dramatically since then

Click on each image below, to hear or read about the unique gift/s that Free To Grow has given each of them.

If you have attended a Free To Grow programme in the past  and would like to share the gift of growth and fruit that you have borne over time  - please click here

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