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Boosting employee wellbeing growth and engagement

Equipping Leaders to be dealers in hope

Equipping Leaders to be dealers in hope

We understand how challenging it is to maintain the energy, optimism and productivity levels of your employees in the current circumstances.

Our focus is firmly on equipping your leaders with the expertise, skills and tools to be dealers in hope.

Empty Cup

1. Staying Strong

The Staying Strong programme will refill your leaders’ cups. Short, inspiring virtual sessions strengthens leaders’ emotional roots, provides practical resources to cultivate a mindset of ownership, optimism and resilience and a valuable framework to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Staying Strong Toolkit equips leaders to support their teams to maintain wellness and persevere in spite of the current challenges. It provides material for 15 short sessions in which you as a leader can share and have meaningful conversations regarding the most pertinent aspects of wellbeing with your teams.

Each session comprises:

  1. A 6 – 7 minute, high-impact video that both informs and inspires, bringing across the message in a fresh, impactful manner

  2. Guidelines for leaders of teams to have meaningful conversations with their teams unpacking the learnings from the video

  3. A personal workbook for team members; focussed on the application of key messages.

Reach out to us to enquire how the Staying Strong Toolkit can equip your leaders to be dealers in hope and start the healing process for their teams.

2. LEADConnect

Remote work presents an opportunity to reimagine how teams work and how people are led. LEADConnect is a learning journey focussed on the 5 C’s most critical to leading effectively in a remote/hybrid work environment.

The content is rich, drawing on Free To Grow’s 27 years’ experience of developing leaders and teams. The packaging is fresh and innovative with the learning structured as a series of 10 microlearning bites – short bursts of high-impact learning of 90 minutes each. Each bite is focused on a specific topic, providing a deep dive into one piece of the remote leadership puzzle. Together, the bites provide a comprehensive, structured and most importantly, practical learning journey that leaders can tackle one step at a time.

Download the LEADConnect interactive e-profile and explore the 10 sessions, the value-adding toolkit components, implementation options and other unique benefits.

Why partner with Free To Grow on your journey of equipping leaders to be dealers in hope?

“The Staying Strong Toolkit really helps managers with a platform to help their staff to build resilience. Well done, for once again delivering on a critical need to develop our people.” Janett Forbes, Finance Director at Vector Logistics


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