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Staying Strong: A Toolkit for Leaders

Staying Strong: A Toolkit for Leaders

It’s really challenging to support your people effectively when you are feeling overwhelmed and depleted yourself. The Staying Strong video toolkit provides you with the tools to connect with and support your people through:

  • A series of 15 video messages that you can use to inform and inspire your team in bite sizes of 30 minutes each.

  • Guidelines for meaningful and focused conversations on each theme.

Reach out to us to enquire how the Staying Strong Toolkit could make a world of difference to your people’s wellbeing.

It’s surprisingly affordable – even for small budgets.

The impact?

“Staying Strong gives us the tools to look after and care for our people. The programme is very visual and engaging – it touches people and strengthens them. The toolkit gives our leaders the tools to ensure their interactions with their people have a positive impact.” Malebo Mpepele, Group Training & Development Manager, Peermont Group

Why trust Free To Grow to deliver?

We have served 102 495 people, 1 375 organisations in 35 countries

Click here to download the Staying Strong interactive e-profile and explore the content themes, the flexible implementation options and other unique benefits.

Contact Alinda Nortje, founder and executive chair and author of Staying Strong on +27 82 852 6323 or or Kim van Schoor on +27 84 442 5619 or to explore how this could work for you.


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