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Staying Strong: An Opportunity To Connect

Staying Strong: An Opportunity To Connect

People are feeling increasingly disconnected, isolated and lonely.

Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” As organisations, we now have a unique opportunity to connect with our people in a way that matters, demonstrating that we care.

The Staying Strong Programme and DIY Toolkit are perfectly suited for this, whether used as stand alone or complementary tools to strengthen the emotional roots of employees across job levels.

How it works

  1. Employees attend Staying Strong in natural work teams, connecting them to each other, creating a safe space for deep conversations around their current state of wellbeing and applying the Staying Strong skills and tools in their lives.

  2. Leaders attend Staying Strong (virtual or face to face) to strengthen their own emotional wellbeing (preventing them from pouring from an empty cup) and deepen their knowledge on the topic.

  3. Leaders of teams are equipped to use the Staying Strong Toolkit to share the best nuggets from the programme with their teams in 15 bite-sized video-based conversations of 30 minutes each. This cascades Staying Strong throughout the organisation, connecting leaders to their teams and team members to each other.

“I am absolutely blown away by the Staying Strong programme. The feedback from our staff is that the content came at the right time and the energy and mastery of the faciliators in the virtual delivery has made their days brighter. The Staying Strong workbook is so masterfully put together, that it’s a valuable tool for all of us and our families going forward. It’s thrilling to hear my team say how this helped them to reflect on the personal tools they need to give them strength in these uncertain times.” Tanya Long, COO, Argility (Pty) Ltd

Click here to download the Staying Strong interactive e-profile and explore the content themes, the flexible implementation options and other unique benefits.

Why partner with Free To Grow on your wellbeing journey?

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Contact Alinda Nortje, founder and Executive Chair and author of Staying Strong on +27 82 852 6323 or or Kim van Schoor on +27 84 442 5619 or to explore how this could work for you.


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