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Boosting employee wellbeing growth and engagement

Two perspectives on motivation and performance

Two perspectives on motivation and performance

As restrictions ease, there is a golden window of opportunity to change gear from surviving, to thriving.

Wellbeing and Engagement and are both critical to individual motivation and organisational performance. They are also inextricably intertwined, both approaching motivation and performance from different angles, but closely interlinked. When one is damaged, the other also suffers and both need to be addressed. When one is strengthened, the other is also positively impacted.

1. Employee Engagement

COVID-19 has been the focus of the world for the past 18 months. WorkQ®, Free To Grow’s employee engagement programme, is the ideal vehicle to move the focus back to the needs of the organisation and how your people can contribute.

The programme comprises three journeys:

  1. The ‘personal journey‘ helps employees adopt an attitude of possibility and hope. It builds self-esteem and strengthens the drive for proactive self-development

  2. The ‘work journey‘, encourages employees to find value and meaning in their work and engage in conversations to shape a positive work environment

  3. The ‘organisation’s journey’ focuses on aligning employees with the purpose, picture and plan of the organisation. This journey creates awareness regarding the part each employee needs to play to help your organisation to reach its potential. It shortens the line of sight between the work employees do and the value they add, creating a bigger sense of personal responsibility and increasing the desire to make a positive contribution.

2. Employee Wellbeing

Underpinning employee engagement, is wellbeing. Staying Strong has been developed as a tool to strengthen employees’ emotional wellbeing and resilience, enabling them to persevere during tough times.

Staying Strong provides:
  • consistent messages of resilience and care creating a common language regarding wellbeing in your organisation

  • HR and leaders with the tools and skills to demonstrate their care and positively impact the wellbeing of their employees

  • a multi-layered, blended approach with different implementation options.

Mozal Aluminium’s perspective

Mozal Aluminium is the largest industrial employer in Mozambique making a significant contribution to the local economy. In line with their value of CARE, the company was concerned with the impact of COVID-19 became increasingly visible early in 2021.

Free To Grow was selected to partner with Mozal in their journey to support their people through this challenging time, starting with the implementation of Staying Strong.

The response of the first four groups of managers and superintendents who attended, exceeded expectations with around 90% evaluating the programme as ‘excellent’. A sincere appreciation was expressed for the opportunity to connect on a deep level with colleagues after they have been feeling isolated for so long. Also highly valued, was the fresh approach to the information together with practical and relevant tools.

We are inclined to address people problems with engineering solutions. Staying Strong is a people solution that I believe can create a competitive advantage for Mozal.” Samual Gudo, Vice President Operations, Mozal

Why partner with Free To Grow on your wellbeing and engagement journey?

We’ve helped 102 495 people, 1 375 organisations in 35 countries.

Contact Alinda Nortje, founder and Executive Chair on +27 82 852 6323 or or Kim van Schoor on +27 84 442 5619 or to shape your journey


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